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Using Lumin Bioinformatics to Drive Target Discovery

May 5, 2022 9:00:00 AM / by Champions Oncology posted in Lumin Bioinformatics

This blog focuses on specific questions about Champions' revolutionary data analysis and visualization platform, Lumin Bioinformatics, and specific use cases that can drive target discovery. 


How did Champions become interested in the challenge of making genomic, proteomic, and transcriptomics data more easily interpretable and visually accessible to oncology researchers? 

Champions Oncology provides end-to-end innovative research and development solutions to clients with the goal of transforming drug discovery. We have historically recognized the importance of multi-omic data in predicting patient responses and the treatment of cancer.

Therefore, we developed our Lumin Bioinformatics software to level the playing field for researchers by providing a platform capable of analyzing proteomic, genomic, and transcriptomic datasets in real-time. The software was designed for ease of use, allowing scientists to perform advanced bioinformatic analysis and to gain novel insights at the click of a button, without the requirement of coding.

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