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Champions Oncology Announces the Expansion of Lumin Bioinformatics: Now Featuring a Highly Valuable Set of Proteomic Data and Analytics

Jan 5, 2021 8:14:49 AM / by Champions Oncology

HACKENSACK, NJ – January 5, 2021 8:30AM - Champions Oncology, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSBR), a leading global oncology technology company that is transforming drug discovery and development through data-driven research strategies, announced today the expansion of its SaaS program, Lumin Bioinformatics. Since its launch, Champions has been adding to the data and functionality housed within Lumin, which now features 20,000+ datasets including rare and valuable quantitative phospho-proteomics.  To aid in the analysis of this proteomic data, engineers at Champions have also developed a unique and sophisticated set of analysis tools that enable researchers to unlock the power of this proteomic data.

Importantly, each proteomic dataset contained within Lumin has associated data from the matching tumor, including whole exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, clinical and in vivo drug responses, phenotypic evaluations, clinical annotations of the tumor, and much more.  Users of Lumin will have the ability to upload their own proteomic datasets and leverage the various tools available for processing and analysis, as well as to use the large proteomic dataset available in Lumin as a reference.  This extremely valuable combination of proteomic data, analytics and visualizations will empower scientists to gain a more accurate depiction of tumor cell biology and will provide unparalleled insights into the mechanisms of cellular transformation and therapeutic resistance. 

Ronnie Morris, MD, President and CEO, said “The addition of proteomics to Lumin has been an extremely exciting moment for the scientists at Champions.  One of the major advantages of our dataset is the depth to which each tumor is characterized.  Adding proteomics to this growing dataset will enable scientists to gain a very deep understanding of what is actually happening at the molecular level of a tumor.  We will no longer need to rely on the predicted nature of protein expression or intracellular pathway activity from DNA and RNA sequencing, nor we will need to try and predict the subcellular expression level of proteins.  We now have this information directly at our fingertips, and we have unleashed the power of this data through Lumin.  We are truly excited at how this will transform cancer research moving forward.”  

“Our Lumin proteomics initiative is a game changer for cancer biologists across the world”, said Michael Ritchie, PhD, MBA, Chief Commercial Officer at Champions Oncology.  “Aside from the sheer magnitude of the dataset that we have made available, the tools that have been included for analysis make the use of proteomics possible to a very broad audience.  Most biologists do not have the background necessary to perform the proteomic pre-processing nor the ability to build analysis tools needed to leverage this truly valuable data, so it is rarely used.  Instead, sequencing of DNA and RNA is performed as a surrogate, even though our protein predictions from this data type is often inaccurate.  Now that proteomic analyses are accessible with Lumin, we’re excited to see researchers use this powerful data on a regular basis.”

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Champions Oncology is a data-driven research organization that leverages an oncology research center of excellence to develop transformative technology and accelerate oncology research and development.  This technology ranges from computational-based discovery platforms, unique oncology software solutions, and innovative and proprietary experimental tools such as in vivo, ex vivo and biomarker platforms.  For more information, please visit www.ChampionsOncology.com.


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