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Champions Oncology Announces its Lumin Bioinformatics Platform Selected as a Finalist for the ‘Best in Show’ Competition at Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

May 3, 2022 8:53:10 AM / by Champions Oncology

Hackensack, NJ – May 3rd, 2022 - Champions Oncology, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSBR), a leading global technology-enabled biotech that is transforming drug discovery through innovative AI-driven pharmaco-pheno-multiomic integration, announced today that its Lumin Bioinformatics Platform has been selected as a finalist for the ‘Best in Show’ Competition at the upcoming Bio-IT World Conference & Expo. The company will present an overview and live demonstration of the platform to judges on May 4th.

Lumin Bioinformatics is a dynamic analysis and visualization platform that empowers biologists and bioinformaticians to harness the power of computational science in a convenient and sophisticated tool. By offering over 2 billion data points to drive biological hypotheses, Lumin allows users to explore and perform analyses on rich and unique multi-omic datasets from over 12,000 cancer patients, including thousands of clinical treatment responses not available in any public dataset, and access to publicly available cancer datasets in a standardized format. Continuously expanding multi-omics datasets, including Next Generation Sequencing (WES and RNASeq), quantitative proteomics, and phospho-proteomics, are the backbone of the Lumin Analytic Engine. Lumin offers access to advanced analytics and AI using predictive and interactive gene networks, the ability to explore correlative and causal relationships to generate biomarker signatures while allowing the user to integrate their own data, analyses, and code with pre-built code and visualization.

Ronnie Morris, MD, President and CEO of Champions Oncology, said “This is a great moment for Champions. It is exciting to see the external validation of the value that this platform brings to users. The Lumin platform continues to evolve, and with each day, changes the way we understand tumor cell biology and approach research efforts, including target and biomarker discovery. We see the tools and workflows available in Lumin driving a transformation towards a more integrative approach to cancer research”.

“We are thrilled to be selected as a finalist in this competition”, said Michael Ritchie, PhD, MBA, Chief Commercial Officer at Champions. “It has been incredible to see the rapid and transformative growth of what is available in Lumin. Our latest release of Lumin Bioinformatics included UI/UX feature upgrades and the addition of large amounts of proprietary PDX proteomics datasets. The latest release also includes our new ex-vivo analysis module offering to incorporate data from ex-vivo experiments for further analysis, such as differential gene expression between responders and non-responders.”

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